Key Project Documents

Minimum Number of Project Documents = 3

 The Project Initiation Document

 ·         What are the project objectives?

·         What do you want to produce or deliver?

·         What is the business reason for doing this project?

 After the meeting write the answers to these questions in your PID and email this back to your customer and ask them for their approval.

 The point of all this is to understand and agree with your customer where you are going with this project.

 If you look at the time spent to achieve this important step in a project, you are looking at one or two meetings and about 30 minutes to write up the information, say 2 hours in total for a small project. Not a big overhead at all and well worth the effort

 The Plan

 ·         A simple list of the work that needs to be done, in some projects it can also be worth listing what will not be done.

·         Who is responsible for what

·         The cost and time to do the work

 The Status Report

Regularly, usually weekly or monthly works best, you need to create a progress report and deliver this to your customer or stakeholders.

 ·         What work is complete,

·       What you expect to complete by the next status report

·         They also want to know if you need their help to solve any problems.


Minute everything, not just meetings but phone calls, impromptu discussions and corridor meetings.

Send a copy to whoever was involved and ask them to get back to you if it contains any errors or omissions.