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How to seed an SCR copy of a database

We have three options:

1. Automatic seeding An automatic seed produces a copy of a storage group's database in the target location. Automatic seeding requires that all log files, including the very first log file created by the storage group (it contains the database creation log record), be available on the source. Automatic seeding only occurs during the creation of a new server or creation of a new storage group and database.

2. Seeding using the Update-StorageGroupCopy cmdlet. You can use the Update-StorageGroupCopy cmdlet in the Exchange Management Shell to seed an SCR storage group copy. You cannot use the Update Storage Group Copy wizard in the Exchange Management Console to seed an SCR storage group copy as this is for CCR storage group copies.

3. Manually copying the offline database. This process dismounts the database and copies the database file to the same location on the passive node. If you use this method, there will be an interruption in service because the procedure requires you to dismount the database.

When seeding across the WAN or Internet (VPN), I suggest you use the third method to manually copy the offline database to target server.